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14th May 2018


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I said it at the start of last year's public sector strikes and I'll say it again. Now is not the time for workers disgruntled about their pay and conditions to down tools and stop work.

European stocks fell on Wednesday as a result of concerns over China's slowing economy and the poor growth outlook for the Eurozone, while figures released on Wednesday night show that the British economy has shrunk more than had been previously thought. A further negative contraction over this first quarter would place us officially in recession again.

Will the Unite union do its bit to prevent this from happening by calling off the threatened strike action by fuel tanker drivers? I doubt it.

So here we are on the brink of another recession and 2,000-plus fuel tanker drivers, servicing some 90% of our petrol stations, are about to push us right over the edge by preventing us from going about our work - supposedly because they are concerned about safety standards - as well of course as the 'terms and conditions', which to you and me involves pay (despite what the union says).

Unite warns us that fuel is likely to start running out within 48 hours of the start of a strike and there has already been panic buying on the forecourts.

This does not bode well for British business - nor anyone else's that involves importing goods into this country - and with the global economy in such turmoil I can only think that most people, like me, will consider this action both stupid and selfish.

The good news today is that a strike will not take place prior to the Easter break and I understand that the Government is in talks with hauliers to see if they can help distribute fuel in the event of a strike byt the tanker drivers - if your company or anyone you deal with is involved in this I'd love to hear about it.

This week sees the 4th and final part of our KBB show review.  



Jan Hobbs


30th March 2012

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