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15th June 2018


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Trend forecast 2010: Kitchen intelligence, colourful confidence, purposeful bespoke and eastern details...

* evittavon.jpgThe expert design team at Evitavonni predicts some interesting design trends for 2010. Design-savvy consumers can expect to see several key themes emerging including kitchen-intelligence, colourful confidence, purposeful bespoke and modern eastern. These four themes work together to provide interiors that are intuitive, brighter, more lifestyle specific and more globally influenced than ever before, says the company.

Kitchen Intelligence by kitchen designer Tristan de la Haye:
"Kitchen intelligence is all about creating a space that not only looks good but works effectively, suits your lifestyle and is as environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible. Green issues have been part of the kitchen design conversation for some time but their effect on overall interior design has been fairly minimal to date partly due to the quality and limited availability of good 'green' products. A rise in consumer knowledge teamed with new EU laws on energy efficiency for 2010 and 2011 should see this change dramatically. I expect all cabinet makers will begin to use FSC timbers as standard and kitchen appliances will become infinitely more efficient. Other factors affecting kitchen design is the rise of the at-home chef persona, popular TV shows like MasterChef have inspired a nation of budding Heston Blumenthal's who require clever kitchens to cook and entertain in. These consumers want more space for professional appliances and high performing equipment to fully flex their culinary skills. My top tip for colour in the kitchen during 2010 is a return to white, not the bright white of the minimalist period but a deeper chalky white."

Colour Confidence by interior designer Tracy Jenks:

"I'm expecting a colourful 2010 that is much more varied, relaxed and intuitive than the last few years. Colour is back in fashion in a big way and is set to take the interiors market by storm, as design consciousness grows consumers no longer simply adopt colour based simply on either the 'safe' option or on specific trends. As consumers gain design knowledge they gain the confidence to choose colours they like and suit their personalities without adhering to any preconceived rules. The next decade is about colour freedom and for that reason I expect the use of colour to be massively varied, from modern neutral palettes with accents of colour right though to bright and bold schemes. In particular 'hot' on-trend colours include deep purple, raspberry, green and taupe. Patterns are also back so there will be a return to wallpapering whole rooms rather than adopting just feature walls. This means people will have to be a lot braver. Statement furniture pieces are also back and set to stay around for a while."

Purposeful Bespoke by senior interior designer Kate Williams:

"The idea of bespoke will filter down further into the general consumer domain, in the aftermath of a recession people will evaluate their home purchases more critically. The throw away culture of the late nineties and early noughties will face a rapid decline as people prefer to invest in more timeless pieces they can live with long-term. Craftsmanship will be very much in focus but won't necessarily equal a return to the traditional, a younger generation of modern consumers are waking up to the idea of fitting products perfectly to their lifestyle and that means quirky bespoke designs as well as the more usual 'antiques of the future' approach. The 'purposeful bespoke' theme will see a great deal of good design that is fully adapted to suit modern needs - from subtle DJ booths built into family homes to hideaway home office spaces in minimal bachelor pads, everything is possible."

Eastern Details in the bathroom by bathroom designer Jo Bush:

"The emerging east is having a big affect on design in all areas and we will see this in 2010 bathroom trends. Eastern details will be central to most design schemes with jewelled tiles, deep colours and glamorous mirrored units adopted in a modern way. Oriental prints will make a big come-back but with a softer look and we'll also see traditional motifs designed in natural tones mixed with soft metallic elements. Glamour and fine detailing will be at the forefront of our eastern influenced designs, in-keeping with a general desire to develop personalised sanctuary spaces with large vanity units, dual sinks, bespoke floor tiles and innovative lighting. Beading, sequins and jewels will also be prominent, not too loud, but offering a paired back luxury approach."

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8th January 2010

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