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20th April 2018


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Independent retailer? Don't miss out on this free publicity!

The Kitchen Bathroom & Bedroom Specialists Association has asked us to remind you that The Independent Retailer Month kicked off on 1st July. If you're an independent retailer and you haven't already taken advantage of a free listing for your store and registered on the The UK Shops directory, just complete the form on independentretailermonth and add your details.

"This is extra free publicity for your business - so take advantage of it now," says the KBSA's Dawn Harlow.

Dawn reminds us that there are also the following initiatives to take advantage of:

* The "Blog-a-day for #IndieRetail" - more than 31 guest blogs, so on some days two will be published... these are either success stories, experiences, hints, tips or support that have been provided by a whole range of different organisations, from supportive retailers to sponsors. A specific blog has been set up for these to publish on - www.independentretail.wordpress.com - so you can either subscribe to the blog (visit the site, then use the 'subscribe by email' option) or it will also publish on twitter (@IndieRetailUK) with #IndieRetail in the title and it will also feed to the facebook wall - www.facebook.com

* The downloadable logos and poster - you can use the poster and logos to show your support; the poster in particular is designed to entice customers in... see www.flickr.com for access to these in various file sizes and formats.

* The 'how-to...' guides on the website offer loads of useful advice free - you can either trade-a-tweet to download or request by email - www.independentretailermonth.co.uk

* Publicise your events - if you plan town centre / local community or in-store events they can now be listed via www.independentretailermonth.co.uk

"Then it's really over to you!" challenges Dawn. "Make sure you get involved, generate some interest and excitement, keep customers coming back for the special offers, activities and events taking place throughout July.
"Tell your local radio and press about events taking place, you'll be more likely to get a mention if it's a group of retailers working together rather than just one, so go door-knocking and encourage your neighbours to get involved too.

"It's said that it takes about six weeks to form a habit - well indie month gives us 4 1/2 weeks to really begin to help consumers rebuild the habit of shopping local."


T: 01623 818808
E: Dawnharlow@kbsa.org.uk
W: www.kbsa.org.uk

6th July 2012

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