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14th May 2018


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New 'messy map' of Britain reveals standards are slipping across the UK

Residents of London and Liverpool have just been voted Britain's untidiest citizens in a new 'Messy Map' of the UK, with householders from Newcastle coming a close third in the scruffiness stakes.

The research, from storage and wardrobe specialist Spaceslide.co.uk, found that almost two-thirds of Londoners admit to only tidying up for visitors, while more than a quarter of the capital's city dwellers surveyed said they couldn't see their bedroom floor for clothes, laptops and magazines.

In Manchester, householders fared slightly better, with 61% claiming to clean their house from top to bottom on a weekly basis. However when it comes to their own appearance they aren't so house proud with one in five admitting to not ironing - ever!

At the other end of the scale, folk living in the Midlands were revealed to be the nation's biggest neat freaks. Eight out of ten householders there said having a well-kept home was one of their top priorities -even over spending time with their family (20%).

But as a nation, we seem to be letting the standards slip. Of the 2000 Britons quizzed, 64% said they often left dishes unwashed overnight, while 48% couldn't say when they last cleaned out their cupboards or drawers and carried out a real 'deep clean' of their home.

Lack of time was the most common excuse given (69%), followed closely by tiredness (59%).

As Jon Gough, spokesperson at Spaceslide.co.uk, explains: "We all have our own tolerance levels when it comes to mess but as this research demonstrates, some of us are a lot more laid-back about it than others.

"For some of us being tidy is key to well-being and so mess can be a highly emotive issue. Clutter is said to create low and stagnant energy and can therefore make us feel the same.

"As a specialist storage provider, we can offer a range of products to help consumers organise their belongings and their homes to ensure their homes and they feel as good as they possibly can."

Spaceslide.co.uk surveyed 2000 people across the UK (NE, NW, Midlands, London, SE, SW) in May and June 2012 on their home tidiness and cleaning habits, using www.surveymonkey.co.uk.

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W: www.spaceslide.co.uk

6th July 2012

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