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15th June 2018


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Sirex sinks have high resistance to thermal shocks and colour loss

* Elleci-Sirex-Black.jpgWherever they are manufactured in the world, composite black sinks can experience a degree of chromatic (whitening of colour) and structural defects, after years of use. The majority of the deterioration is caused by the low resistance to thermal shocks, which results from a lack of material density and water seepage, causing a build-up of limescale in the micro cavities.

Elleci has produced a new process (GPS) that guarantees a black finish that yields dramatically increased whitening and thermal shocks resistance. The new hydrophobic resin is mixed with Elleci's award-winning Vitrotek glass microspheres, which combine to absorb up to 40% less water than other composite sinks in the market and gives the sink a refined matt effect.

Elleci's Sirex has already won an 'Honourable Mention' at the Red Dot awards 2012 as it has many unique and patented features, as well as stand-out looks.

Made using special resins and microspheres of pure glass, the super smooth, super hard and distinctive deep colour Vitrotek material has a finish that is 100% hygienic, as bacteria is unable to establish itself within the sink surface. It has a 30 year guarantee against material or manufacturing defects

* Elleci-Black-Example.jpgAvailable in four colours - black, 'Old White', white or silver, the sink is offered in compact single bowl , large single bowl, 1.5 bowl or twin bowl options and with a multitude of accessories.

Other features include:

- Siphonic overflow - no unsightly overflow, reduces the unpleasant odours and bacterial formations that can establish themselves in typical overflow designs, this system also results in a deeper usable bowl that allows for higher water levels
- S.I.R - Elleci has developed, designed and patented what it says is the world's first compact electronic draining system. The whole drainage system sits just 5cm below the bowl and the water flows out at up to staggering 60 litres per minute - emptying the bowl incredibly quickly and without residue water within the bowl(s)
- Electronic open/close waste (with failsafe lithium battery backup in case of power shortages)
- Heat Stop Board - a heat resistant safe place to rest hot pans, and chop and prepare ingredients, the steel design of the board complements other appliances within the kitchen area.

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E: Anthony@elleci.co.uk
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3rd August 2012

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