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15th June 2018


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Renolit reveals two modern abstract designs

* Renolit-Cobra_.jpgRenolit has announced two quite individual and striking fantasy designs as new additions to its Covaren stock range.

Pictured here is the new Renolit Covaren Cobra - a fantasy design which picks up on the current trend towards irregular stripes and geometric patterns
The design is modern and contrasting, yet creates a very homely atmosphere depending on the colour combination used. It is most suitable for combinations with the three colours which feature within the printed design itself - namely greys, coffees and blues. 

For example, mix with Renolit Covaren Flint Grey Nat Trend or Lana Matt Grey, for a harmonious result. Or try Renolit Alkorenmto Putty for a trendy look or either Renolit Alkorenmto Aqua or Wave Blue for striking contrast.

The Cobra print, in combination with Melinga emboss, creates a highly attractive impression of depth and therefore follows the trend towards simple textures.

Cobra was introduced by Renolit into its global 3D stock range with a number of other exciting new Covaren and Alkoren decors for 2012. Consisting of 16 different woodgrain effects, printed effects and textures, and 10 high gloss solid colours, they can be divided into seven groups comprising:

o Elm: Swiss Elm in three colours, one in high gloss
o Walnut: Pacific with a light and dark choice
o Textured solid colours: Elegant Ash, Okasha and Saw Cut textured surfaces
o Conifer: Mountain Larch Cappuccino P
o Oak: Luan Oak Tobacco, Trojan PA and Foscari Oak Pale Nat
o Special effects: Modern effects of Cobra and Moulins SC
o High gloss solid colours: Modern selection of 10 fashionable colours
All the new designs can be seen in the A4 Renolit Highlights collection binder or within the handy A6 sized 3 part complete range set off Covaren, Alkoren and Solid Colours.

To request samples or any further information:

T: 01670 718222
E: renolit.cramlington@renolit.com
W: www.renolit.com

7th September 2012

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