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15th June 2018


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When I learned of the proposed changes to employment legislation, which will offer all employees the chance to work flexible hours, I shook my head in disbelief. Running a business is hard enough as it is and ensuring workplace continuity when employees are on holiday is tough at the best of times... attempting to cover for what may be longish-term, short-notice breaks is likely to induce a real headache and for some small businesses... well... it could actually break them. And what will happen to workplace camaraderie when several people want to be off at the same time?

I'm pleased that the Forum of Private Business is highlighting some of the potential pitfalls of this idea, (which I believe is actually another EU edict rather than Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's baby - despite him being blamed for it in the press) in its plea to the Chancellor to do more to support small businesses in his upcoming Autumn Statement (see more below).

The Forum is making some good suggestions, such as stabilising fuel duty and capping business rates. I know the Government needs to find some money from somewhere, but escalating costs are preventing people from driving and are sending businesses to the wall - and if we're not working, we're not helping to top up the coffers, so where's the sense in that?

Now something I do see a lot of sense in - particularly when looking to buy or specify a big ticket item such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or large appliance - is getting the advice of a real expert before making any decisions. The response I received from Philip Procter, of Clerkenwell-based West One Bathrooms, to my query in last week's leader about antimicrobial coatings, showed me that this is just the type of person I'd want to talk to before deciding how I'd part with my money. Not only did he give me the information I required, but he furnished me with links to the companies concerned so I could find out more (you can see his email, below). Well done Philip - you're doing the industry proud!FB.jpg

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Jan Hobbs


23rd November 2012

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