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13th April 2018


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You may recall me whingeing recently about incompetent loft/cavity wall insulation surveyors who had me clearing the way for installers who ended up unable to do the job (or perhaps you’ve been left in the same position)? You are probably also aware of my passion for recycling and have heeded my regular calls for you to spread the word about not dumping old furniture, unwanted appliances and even kitchens but instead getting people to donate them to charity, put them on Gumtree or sell them to someone who may not be able to buy new.

Well I scored something of a double whammy late last month. Over the years I’ve committed hundreds of two litre plastic drinks bottles to the local recycling facility and have often wondered what they were going to be made into… I knew I wasn’t being eco-friendly buying drinks in plastic bottles but took comfort in knowing that they would at least be put to good use after I’d finished with them.

My guilty conscience was appeased while researching how to top up my loft insulation myself, and discovering that one of the cheapest rolls – and also one of the most effective as it had the highest thermal rating – was made from recycled plastic bottles. And it was a double whammy too as the insulation prevents loss of heat from my home and reduces my impact on the environment! The product was easy to fit, did not require protective clothing and as the recent snow remained on my roof long after it had melted on neighbouring roofs, it’s clearly doing the job. I’ve lost more than a few minutes’ sleep though, wondering whether any bottles that I, personally, have recycled, are now part of that blanket of insulation helping keep my home warm!

The New Year is a time for making resolutions and although we’re already a twelfth of the way through 2013 it’s not too late to start making an effort to spread the message about the need to dispose of our unwanted goods in a responsible fashion.

If you’re selling appliances and/or kitchens and bedrooms (but perhaps not bathrooms!) do please remind your customers about passing unwanted items on. And for a more memorable service you could even supply relevant website information and telephone numbers. Remember - the British Heart Foundation will collect and carry out minor repairs on electrical items and PAT test them before selling them on and many other charities will collect and redistribute other items.

Remember to let everyone know about the new ‘3 Rs’ - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It’s not a lot of extra effort to make but it will make a difference to the environment AND your customers’ impression of your company’s ethics.

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Jan Hobbs


1st February 2013

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