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13th April 2018


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Cooper Callas to distribute 'Nocalc' limescale reduction product

* Cooper Callas.jpgEstablished National bathroom and kitchen distributor, Cooper Callas, has taken on the distribution for NoCalc International, the Dutch based producer of the revolutionary NoCalc limescale reduction product. Stock was delivered into Cooper Callas pre-Xmas and the company is already reporting a growing number of kitchen and bathroom retailers selling the product.

With over 20,000 units being sold in Holland alone last year, which has half the households of the UK in hard water areas, there are great growth opportunities for this new product for both retailers and installers alike.

NoCalc is a patented product designed to prevent the build up of limescale prevalent in homes located in hard water areas, which makes up a staggering 70% of UK properties. Until now residents in these areas have had to resort to water softeners to prevent the unsightly 'scum' on the top of hot drinks and lime-scale damage to pipework and appliances. NoCalc is said to provide a much more cost effective, easier to fit and more environmentally friendly option for these home owners.

NoCalc works by dispensing a tiny precision metered amount of silico polyphosphate into the water as it enters the home. This is done through a patented dosing system in combination with a venturi device inside the top of a NoCalc cartridge. Silico polyphosphate simply coats the calcium and magnesium in the water allowing it to flow freely through the pipes. The beauty of this substance is that it of food grade quality complying with European standard EN 1212 (treatment of water for human consumption) and therefore 100% safe for drinking water, so when digested releases these much needed minerals into the body.

Darren Cooper, Managing Director of Cooper Callas says of his stock investment: "NoCalc is a great complementary product to our kitchen and bathroom portfolio. It is easy to install, works throughout the home therefore protecting and extending the life of all appliances connected to or using water, from the build up of limescale each day.

"It wasn't a hard decision for me to take stock in and already we are being rewarded with growing sales. The NoCalc starter kit can be purchased for a fraction of the price of a water softening product and this water is crystal clear for drinking. It's a great add-on product for any retailer when supplying a bathroom or kitchen."

T: 01869 255960
W: www.nocalc.co.uk

15th February 2013

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