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25th May 2018


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Dot & Dab won't do!

* tile_wrong.jpgMany DIYers think that a dot of adhesive on each corner of a tile and a dab in the middle is enough to stick a tile to the wall or floor. It isn't because ceramic tiles aren't strong, but that they need supporting across the whole of their surface.

What is more worrying is that some so called tile fixers also dot & dab. The British Standard for tiling, BS5385, the code of practice for fixing wall and floor tiles, makes it quite clear precisely how tiles should be fixed so if you are employing a tiler make sure that they follow this code of practice.

But how can you be sure that you are employing an experienced tradesman and not a cowboy? That is easy; only use tradesmen who are members of a specific trade association. A trade association, such as The Tile Association, that will not accept just any company as a member. Each company, retailer, contractor and tile fixer that wishes to join The Tile Association is carefully checked for financial, technical and service standards.

Your home or work premises are your biggest financial assets... don't risk them. Tiles fixed correctly will last a lifetime with little or no maintenance and will add real value to your property. Invest in your home or business; invest in style; invest in tile; invest in a professional tile fixer.

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6th August 2010

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