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15th June 2018


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I had thought that with all the wonderful innovations now offered by the KBB industry, we householders had it all, but apparently we hadn’t - until now.

A new company has put together a team of people to provide every kind of conceivable help to those buying or selling their property. And as well as offering traditional services such as legal help and financial advice, it also caters for the more spiritual needs of the prospective home buyer…

Incredibly, Future Life Properties (www.futurelifeproperties.com) also has a team of experts on feng shui, energy clearance, house blessings and house astrology based across the country. There are even Future Life Progression practitioners who can guide clients to travel to the future and see their future home – helping them to make decisions about what property they buy! It is also offering a free phone app – simply by tapping in Future Life Properties - people will be helped to see their future home through a guided meditation.

Company founder Anne Jirsch, explains: “People are becoming more aware of the energies at work around them and are now looking for spiritual help to guide them through their lives and make the most of the time they spend on Earth. This is particularly true of life’s big moments and buying your first property or moving house certainly counts amongst them. Future Life Progression is a wonderful tool for this as it can guide someone to visualise their future life, including their home, to give them an insight in how they can overcome blocks and discover what they can do in the present to speed up that reality. Your future home needs to be a wonderful investment that will rise in value over time, it needs to be in a location where you will like the local people and it needs to be your sanctuary, your castle. Everyone deserves that.”

I’m now wondering if in future, I won’t be slipping off my shoes and jumping into an empty bath at the showroom when no-one’s looking (to see if it’s going to be comfy for a long soak with a good book!) but will instead be popping into a meditation room to visualise each bath’s effect on my psyche!





Jan Hobbs


15th March 2013

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