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13th April 2018


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British Ceramic Tile responds to budget's Climate Change Levy exemptions

Responding to the announcement in the Chancellor's 2013 budget that the ceramic and steel industries will be exempt from the climate change levy from 2014, Chief Executive Tony Taylor from British Ceramic Tile said:

"We warmly welcome the budget announcement made last week-this is fantastic news for the ceramic industry here in the UK. British-based manufacturers have been faced with continuously rising energy costs in what is an extremely tough economic climate. This exemption has been used in many other EU member states and in effect this moves the UK to a zero % rate for Climate Change Levy in exchange for companies continuing to meet their challenging Climate Change Agreement targets.

"Although not a game-changer, this will help in reducing the UK tax impact on electricity, and particularly gas, to our industry. Overall this is an important symbolic step towards leveling the playing field for UK industry within Europe as far as energy taxation is concerned, for which the Chancellor and those who lobbied him on our industries' behalf deserve credit.

"While there is still much to be done to ensure that world class energy intensive manufacturers in the UK can continue to thrive, this budget exemption from the climate change levy will have a positive impact on businesses such as ours, providing a boost to our cost saving measures to ensure we remain competitive within Europe. This country is a proud centre for ceramic manufacture and this announcement will help our long-standing tradition continue and indeed flourish."

British Ceramic Tile is seriously committed to its environmental responsibilities. The company has a negative waste footprint with over 9000 tonnes of material used within the recycling process over the last few years including 600 tonnes taken back from landfill. Each ceramic tile has a 15% recycled content and uses raw materials sourced locally.

In the last two decades, significant reductions in energy consumption have been made during ceramic tile production through better kiln design, more efficient firing and through scaling up operation, as well as moving from intermittent to continuous technology. British Ceramic Tile is one of two UK manufacturers working with the British Ceramic Confederation on the 'Footpath to 2050' initiative that outlines the industry's plan to become more energy efficient and drive down their carbon footprint.

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29th March 2013

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