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14th May 2018


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Whirlpool's new Fusion built-in collection hits the spot

* Whirlpool_Fusion.jpgCertain product ranges immediately hit the sweet spot with their perfect blend of design, sophistication and state-of-the-art technology, which is why Whirlpool has such confidence in its new Fusion Line of kitchen appliances.

The company's aptly titled Fusion collection represents an elegant encounter between glass and steel in a modern style. Featuring cutting edge technology, innovative functions and an ultra modern look, the appliances in the Fusion Line create a futuristic kitchen environment with a minimum yet sophisticated design. They combine steel and glass for a sleek, high-tech finish, with the top-end oven featuring an LCD touch sensitive flat control panel and an integrated handle with an advanced user interface.

An invaluable strength of the Fusion range is the perfect alignment across the product categories. This flawless symmetry is perfect for the designer's critical eye and delivers an ultra premium look. There is much to choose from, as this extensive range encompasses ovens, hobs, hoods, microwaves, cooling products and dishwashers, as well as a compact steamer and warming drawer.

The comprehensive range of Fusion built-in multifunction ovens will satisfy the enthusiastic cook and serious chef alike, achieving a skilful balance of traditional cooking and modern sophistication. The new ovens combine advanced user interfaces and Whirlpool's intelligent 6th Sense technology. Whirlpool's Ready2Cook, a powerful convection system that eliminates the need to pre-heat the oven, saves up to 20% of energy depending on the type of food and the number of dishes being prepared. Further valuable time and energy is saved thanks to Whirlpool's Cook3 system. The benefit of the big 67-litre oven is the five flexible shelf positions so users can cook up to three separate dishes at the same time without flavours and aromas mixing and individual tastes remaining intact.

The built-in oven range is complemented by Whirlpool's AMW 597 Fusion Steam Oven. This steam oven offers a generous 34-litre capacity, the Fusion Steam Oven has an 'A' energy rating for economy and additional steam programmes for jet defrosting, reheating and dough proving.

The integrated water tank also allows for greater design creativity and increases installation options.

Whirlpool's Fusion microwaves are equally stylish and versatile, as well as being an innovative combination of microwave and conventional oven technologies. This marriage offers the quality cooking performance one expects with the far greater speed of the latter. Cooking, crisping and steaming are just a touch away by simply selecting the 6th Sense Steam, Crisp or Reheat functions and leaving the technology to do the rest. Food can also be defrosted seven times faster than in a conventional microwave oven.

The matching Fusion cooker hood is sleek and futuristic in design and operates with the benefit of patented 6th Sense technology. The hood is equipped with sensors, leaving the user to simply turn it on and set it to the 6th Sense mode. The hood self-sets to run at just the right speed for the job in hand, and improves the room air quality by operating automatically when needed.

Beautifully designed modular elements make up Whirlpool's extremely flexible range of hobs. The hobs' range consists of a variety of high-tech burners and sophisticated accessories, as well as shapes, materials and dimensions that can be combined in a number of different configurations to suit their kitchen style.

The magic of induction cooking is also incorporated into this impressive hob collection, offering a range of benefits compared to conventional technologies. As well as saving time and energy, induction is precise, safe and highly versatile, and dramatically cuts down on cleaning.

Whirlpool's new Fusion built-in fridges offer a choice of models to suit various kitchen spaces and layouts, as well as innovative and tailored storage using advanced 6th Sense Fresh Control cooling technology to keep food fresh up to twice as long. These highly efficient appliances have an 'A+' energy rating, LED lighting to guarantee energy savings.

Finally, there is a thirteen place setting, three level, triple 'A' rated built-in dishwasher that features new PowerClean Max using 6th Sense and AquaSteam technologies to deliver outstanding cleaning performance. Not only does it deliver great resource savings it washes with whisper quiet night-time performance of just 39 dB(A).

Dalia Haddad, Whirlpool's Product Marketing Manager for Built-In says: "Our new Fusion Line range is a very special collection of appliances indeed, where industry leading design and innovative functionality are accorded equal importance. There are no token offerings here. Immense research has gone into offering the consumer the finest and most flexible features right across the kitchen appliances spectrum at realistic and affordable prices. We believe our Fusion Collection responds to the way people live, encapsulated in a minimal yet futuristic design that is stylish and elegant. The line-up of products all have the intelligence to do much of the work for you, built-in!"

For more information on Whirlpool's Fusion Collection call your Regional Business Manager or Whirlpool UK on:

T: 0208 649 5000

W: www.whirlpool.co.uk

3rd September 2010

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