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13th April 2018


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B&Q announced as iKBBI Installation Standards Partner

* BQ_IKBI.jpgThe Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installers has this week announced that retail giant B&Q has pledged support to the Installation Standards Partnership (iSP) - an initiative that was launched in 2012 at KBB Birmingham.

B&Q, the largest UK home improvement retailer, has joined the five-stage initiative, which has an objective to define best practice and create the UK's first independent industry standard for the installation of KBB product.

Speaking on behalf of B&Q, Justin Adgar, B&Q Homefit National Operations Manager (pictured), commented on the announcement by saying: "At B&Q we are absolutely committed to offering our customers the best possible experience. B&Q will work in partnership with the iKBBI and share the common purpose of raising the skills, value and perception of the professional KBB installer."

Launched in 2007, The iKBBI, which is a not-for-profit registered and government sanctioned institute dedicated to the KBB industry, has an objective to define and raise installation standards, whilst supporting reputable installation businesses and providing the UK consumer with an informed choice.?
The iSP will involve those participating retailers joining forces for the first time to address the wider perspective issue of installation standards, whilst leading change and supporting their respective installer populous.

The first stage of the iSP involves the independent accreditation of the participating retailers installer population, against a set foundation criteria which covers the basics - including their compliance to gas & electrical regulation, their insurance credentials and their history within the industry. This criteria, over time, will be developed to meet the needs of the ever changing regulation that relate to property development and indeed the needs of the modern consumer.

The second stage of the iSP is to start working with the retailers to define the standards before presenting to the industry, Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards. The combined working of some of the UK's leading KBB brands will form a truly unique approach to the challenge of reducing the number of KBB installation related complaints, which was reported at a staggering £69m in 2011/12.

iKBBI Patron and Member of Parliament, The RT.Hon.Brian Binley MP said: "Retailers are perhaps feeling the pinch more now than any other time in living memory and therefore cannot afford the negative press that is often generated by a lack of attention to the quality of [kbb] installation and service.

"The iKBBI's Installation Standards Pledge now affords the industry a real chance to improve to the benefit of the whole economy, which is not only long overdue in my opinion, but also extremely timely."

iKBBI director Damian Walters said: "I'm delighted that B&Q has committed to positive change together with Tesco and John Lewis. This provides a great platform to start the process of defining standards to the benefit of the entire industry. The fact that these businesses have stepped up and committed is quite admirable and I hope that others will soon follow to support the task of positive change.

"Reducing this reported £69m worth of complaints must be a priority for us all. Not only are there customers who need protection, but it's also bad for our industry - the negative effect of customer service issues and perhaps consumers not choosing to purchase kbb product effects everyone from the manufacturers, distributors, retailers and installers."

The iKBBI is keen to attract new national retailers to the initiative and is currently in talks with others.

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W: www.ikbbi.org.uk

29th May 2013

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