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14th May 2018


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2014 snapshot - a year of design inspiration where there are no rules, says Uber's Bob Gonzalez

* Uber-Platinum_and_Ruby.jpgHere, Bob Gonzalez, of Uber, reveals the trends that will be emerging in our nation's kitchens next year:


2014 will herald more colour while still respecting the grey, earthy tones which have proved so popular in 2013. Exciting vibrant colours, such as petrol blues and ruby reds, will bring personality into the kitchen. Used alone or mixed with neutral cream or grey tones for islands or a one-wall line, colourful units will be seen everywhere, for every budget.


If 2013 saw the birth of metallic as a beautiful finish for kitchen units, 2014 will see the development of the market for the fashionable material. Another really popular material - glass - will continue to soar as people recognise how perfect it is for the demanding kitchen environment. Homeowners and designers who may be slightly bored of lacquered finishes can opt for glass for individuality and the wow-factor; it's really easy to clean too.


Handles are another way to stamp individuality into a kitchen. Nowadays, people fall into three categories. The ones who love handles, the ones who don't and the ones who want a bit of a handle in some places! The development of bespoke choices has been a significant development. Sleek, unobtrusive handles (like Uber's Katana range) are great; they do a job quietly.


In terms of curves versus lines in the kitchen, the race is head-to-head! Designers and homeowners are also enjoying mixing shapes - there are no rules.


Veneers are still popular of course but new to the picture is mixing natural veneers with painted ones. In addition, a great way of generating a 3D effect is a gloss finish on a natural veneer.

Image: Exciting vibrant colours, such as petrol blues and ruby reds, will bring personality into the kitchen... shown here - Platinum and Ruby

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25th October 2013

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