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13th April 2018


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Soapbox: Plug the Energy Drain!

* WaterLabel.jpgYvonne Orgill, Chief Executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, writes...

They got a roasting yesterday and our energy suppliers are under a lot of scrutiny. Quite right too. Energy bills are on everyone's mind and we are all looking at ways to keep our costs down.

New rules may be on the cards to make it easier for us to switch energy providers but when it comes to the crunch, it's consumption which creates bills. And logic says cut your consumption and you will cut your bill.

Not many of us realise it but the greatest proportion of a household's annual heating cost comes from heating water. According to the Energy Saving Trust in its report 'Cut Your Energy Costs - Planning A New Bathroom', this costs around £200 a year - that's a whopping 25% of the bill.

So it follows that if we stop wasting water we will save money. Simple. The Energy Saving Trust says that this link, and its implications, often goes unnoticed by householders.

If you're about to buy a new bathroom it makes sense to choose products which are both water and energy efficient. It's a simple way of plugging your energy drain. The latest designs are both stylish and efficient. They are technically advanced, have great performance characteristics and are easy and comfortable to use.

The European Water Label shows the water consumption of bathroom products and by the end of November, 8000 individual components will be shown on the web-based list. The easily recognisable Water Label itself is becoming increasingly visible in major bathroom retailers, DIY stores and builders merchants.

If you're not yet in the market for a new bathroom then there are some things you can do right now to cut your costs.

* Involve all the family and make energy, water and cost saving your way of life.
* Have a shorter shower or a slightly shallower bath. (Taking 2 minutes off your shower saves around £100 a year)
* Don't run the hot tap if cold water will do.
* If you've got a dual flush loo (and 40% of all homes do) use the short flush whenever you can
* And, the old chestnut, turn the tap off when you clean your teeth.

The furious row with the utilities is set to continue but meanwhile we can all do very simple and immediate things to reduce our energy bills.
And if you do invest in a sparkling new bathroom don't forget to Look for the Label www.europeanwaterlabel.eu

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1st November 2013

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