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20th April 2018


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The weather in the UK has turned chilly and people are succumbing to the seasonal colds that spread rapidly through the workforce. It’s rare for me to become unwell so I shouldn’t grumble at having been laid up this week with a heavy cold and what feel like broken ribs from all the sneezing (don’t laugh – it may be coming your way soon!) Being unable to breathe properly means that any sleep is fitful and being overly-tired, achy and stuffed up with cold isn’t conducive to a cheerful disposition…

It’s easy to feel down at this time of year anyway. It’s generally cold, wet and dull and those that work don’t see much daylight. Overheated trains are crammed with commuters dressed for the outside, while traffic jams seem endless. Folk are hidden by umbrellas or have their heads down, braced against the weather, so there’s little eye contact and few friendly greetings. And although we’re told the economy is improving, we’re worried about our finances, potential job losses and the inevitable strikes disrupting our already difficult days. All this adds to the general feeling of gloom. 

I'm sure I’m not the only one wishing I lived somewhere hot – or even up in the mountains which despite the snow can offer real warmth and bright sunshine. Indeed I was planning my escape when a press release came in, with a link to Mereway’s latest short video – ‘Proudly Made in Britain’. Aaahhh… distraction! To YouTube then…

It wasn’t long before I was feeling emotional. I realised that somehow instead of being slumped (the ribs!) in my chair, I’d pulled myself up into a more regal position – almost out of respect for what I was seeing and hearing. I’ve  never been much of a Beatles fan but I was in the crowd lined up at Heathrow watching the Concorde fleet coming in for the last time and yes even writing about it I’m teary eyed at what we achieved and have subsequently lost. A promotional video for the manufacturer? Or a promotional video for Britain? Whatever you decide, I challenge you to watch it and not feel, as I did, that those of us in the UK are actually living in a pretty wonderful place and have something of which we should be very proud…





Jan Hobbs


29th November 2013

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