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15th June 2018


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Aga Rayburn launches home energy management centre

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Aga Rayburn has opened the doors to its first Home Energy Management Centre in Kidderminster. Showcasing its range of renewable energy products, woodburning stoves and ultra-efficient Rayburn A-rated central heating range cookers, the Aga Rayburn Home Energy Management Centre is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK.

The Home Energy Management Centre acts as a 'one-stop-shop' for installers, self-builders, architects and homeowners to find out more about renewable energy and energy management in the home.

The Centre also demonstrates how different types of heating and renewable energy products can be linked together with its newly launched Eco-Connect system - giving complete control to the user without having to adjust a multitude of settings.

The Centre has an experienced and expert team to demonstrate the range of innovative products and components which enable homeowners to make better use of renewable energy and help them to use the minimum amount of fossil fuel when running their homes.

Customers are able to walk around the full size display and see how the various components can be connected together as well as being able to ask technical or specification questions.

"Renewables are going to become increasingly important in the next few years," predicts David Carpenter, Technical Director at Aga. "As homeowners seek ways to benefit from fuel independence and any potential grants from the Government's Feed-In Tariffs, installers and housebuilders are going to have to develop both their skills and product knowledge, and our Home Energy Management Centre is a great place to see how easy it is to integrate renewable energy into a home - whether a new build or an existing home." 

Products on display at the Home Energy Management Centre: 

The Rayburn 680KCD is a groundbreaking oil-fired central heating range cooker with an exceptionally energy efficient A-rated condensing boiler - said to be the only one of its kind on the market in the UK. With efficiencies of over 92% and a central heating and hot water output of 24kW, this unit is the perfect choice for energy conscious households that are not able to access mains natural gas. 

The Rayburn Heatranger 680KCD has the largest rectangular cast-iron hot plate on the market, two large ovens and the condensing boiler powers up to 20 radiators, as well as delivering copious amounts of domestic hot water. Its size belies its excellent efficiency and it gives homeowners a range cooker which produces wonderful tasting food, control over their fuel bills and plenty of hot water.

The newly launched Eco-Connect is easy to connect, easy to install and will automatically bias a whole heating system to renewables - saving homeowners money on their fuel bills and reducing harmful environmental emissions. Plus it works with a diverse range of systems - solar, boilers, central heating range cookers, heat pumps, underfloor heating, radiators and woodburning stoves.

Eco-Connect comprises a wiring centre, pump station, a heat exchanger with associated motorised valves to which the various flow and return pipework and electrical connections are made. Thermistors are used with an intelligent control panel to sense the water temperature of the flow and return pipes and domestic hot water cylinder. Patent Pending. 

The Aga Minsterley Stove from AGA Stoves is a larger cast iron stove with a central heating boiler. Ideal for the family home, the Minsterley can be used with either wood or solid fuel, thanks to its interchangeable fuel plate - and has a minimum rated heat output of 3.6kW and hot water output of 7.5kW. It's also very fuel efficient with efficiencies of 73.2% for smokeless fuels and 68.5% for wood. 

Designed with outstanding hot water performance as a priority, the Minsterley stove has an excellent central heating/hot water to space heating ratio. This means that, unlike some other similar appliances, excess heat isn't given into the room. To achieve its excellent fuel efficiency, the Minsterley utilises Advanced Airwash Technology. This is a combination of clever design and precision engineering, which uses hidden baffles, channels and ducts in the construction of the stove to manipulate the air circulation, resulting in efficient and clean combustion - as well as low emissions.

The Aga Fusion Stove is a new wood pellet stove from AGA Stoves. Designed for both contemporary and traditional interiors, the AGA Fusion pellet stove combines high efficiency (>90%) with a simple compact design and has a modulating heat output of 4.1kW to 13kW - perfect for any large room. 

With ease of operation paramount, the unit has an automatic start up cycle, as well as full controllability with a seven day programmer with two on/off periods per day. To keep fuel efficiency high, it has a built in room thermostat, with the option of a remote thermostat. 

Keeping the owner's comfort in mind, the Fusion has a built in room humidifier and fan assisted air convection to circulate the heat generated by the stove to the full extent of the room. Additionally there's a 25kg capacity hopper to store the wood pellets which will keep the stove running for over 15 hours, before it needs a refill. To ensure ongoing safe operation, the unit has an overheat and safety cut out, along with an automatic burn pot cleaning cycle. It also has a removable ashtray and burn pot to make maintenance hassle free.

T: 01952 642000

W: www.rayburn-web.co.uk

1st October 2010

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