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20th April 2018


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I don't tend to watch much television but something made me set up my laptop in the living room last evening and I switched on the little-used box in the corner. I'm so glad I did as a prominent name from the KBB industry was featured on the BBC's Watchdog.

Dolphin Bathrooms had a real slating from some of its customers and everyone who saw the programme is likely to steer clear of the company's products in the short term at least.

The sad part of it is though, that Dolphin makes fantastic products which, when fitted properly, will really enhance the bathroom experience and add plenty of value to the home. But here's the rub...

It wasn't the Dolphin products that were the problem, but the sloppiness of the fitters involved and their obvious inability to do a decent job. Well - that's not quite right; the first seemed to be doing a good job but went off on holiday part-way through and was replaced by a team that could only be described as bodgers!

I don't know whether the two lots of fitters involved were employed directly by Dolphin or were outside contractors brought in to install everything, but they were clearly to blame. If I had a change of fitters forced on me part-way through an installation I'd be a little miffed about it, but I would at least expect the replacements to be up to the job.

It's unfortunate that it's taken a story such as this to highlight the need for everyone - not just consumers - to ensure that the fitters they use are properly trained and qualified to do whatever is being asked for them. For clearly, it's not just the consumers that suffer when things go wrong, but the manufacturers too.

I look forward to being able to run some successful installation stories on Dolphin's behalf in the near future – I know there are plenty of them!




Jan Hobbs

8th October 2010

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